Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

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NEW: Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

A new year means time for a new look, and we have a new blind product available here at Colorado Blinds and Design to help you create a fluid and sculpted look to match the new chic and sculpted you in 2016!

Solera Soft Shades are the newest in the Hunter Douglas family of products, and are available in many beautiful fabrics and colors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Solera Soft Shades can improve your room’s acoustics and also reduce the intensity of outside noise. One of our design professionals can help you choose the right fabric depending on the degree of sound of control you desire.
  • These shades protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays. Just think, your skin will benefit, too!
  • Like with all our Hunter Douglas products, Solera Soft Shades are covered with a lifetime limited guarantee, to ensure your new blinds last.

To get a better look at the new Solera Soft Shade, come by the showroom and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the different fabrics, colors and operating systems that can make these the perfect option for your home in 2016.



Holiday Decorating

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Whether you live in California or Colorado decorating your front entryway can be a fun and easy way to show your holiday cheer! Check out this Houzz article highlighting 40 Welcoming Holiday Entryways. Visit our showroom for last minute holiday touches!


The 2016 Color of The Year Is…..

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The 2016 Color of The Year was recently announced by Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams’ Director of Color Marketing, and it is… drum roll, please….. ALABASTER!

Alabaster is a fine grained sedimentary rock that comes from gypsum, and is an understated, slightly warm white color. As Jackie points out in her blog post, it is sometimes debated whether white is really a color at all, but ultimately, white is extremely versatile and works well with any designer’s taste, as simple or as eclectic as it may be. Since alabaster is not a stark white, it tends to trigger soothing, meditative feelings, so it’s suggested to pair it with a neutral color palette of soft greys, dusty blushes, or other soft earthy tones.

If you can’t quite visualize how alabaster can enhance your living space, swing by Colorado Blinds & Designs for a color consultation, where we’d be more than happy to help you generate a few ideas!


Open House Saturday, November 7th

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Dear Friends,

We look forward to seeing you at our open house on Saturday, November 7th. We’ll be collecting new toys and warm winter gear on behalf of area youth served by Realities for Children, serving some delicious food and beverages, and presenting a short seminar focusing on “Re-styling Your Home on a Budget.”

We’ll also have special discounts, including half price discounts on all candles, 25% off all candleholders, just in time for holiday entertaining! You’ll also want to check out the very popular Guatamalan jewelry we have recently added.

Now is a great time for “re-styling” and we’re here to help. Whether you need a professional consultation to determine what new paint colors to use, flooring to install, or have questions regarding what window treatments would suit you and your home best, we have you covered.

Do your existing blinds need a “tune-up”? Our repair service can repair most brands and get them in tip-top shape before houseguests arrive.

Warm wishes,
Judy, owner.

Open House Saturday, November 7th

Open House Saturday, November 7th

Why October – December Are The Best Months to Sell (and Redecorate) Your Home!

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Why October – December Are The Best Months to Sell (and Redecorate) Your Home!

It’s no secret that right now, everyone and their brother wants to own a home in beautiful Northern Colorado. In fact, homeowners enjoyed the highest home appreciation in the country over a 12 month period (ending on June 30), and both Fort Collins and Greeley are among the nation’s top housing markets and financial fitness*.


With all the excitement surrounding the current Colorado housing boom, it’s likely you have considered taking advantage of the fact your house has appreciated in value, even after doing nearly nothing to it! If you have been remodeling and updating your home, you have probably imagined how much you could get back on your investment. With that said, it may be time to quit dreaming and start acting. If there was ever a time to list your house it’s 4th quarter; if there was ever a time to redecorate your home, it’s NOW!


Although we typically tend to think of spring and summer as the ideal time to sell, the statistics say otherwise. According to Wallethub.com, Autumn (October through December) in Northern Colorado sees the highest ratio of homes sold to homes listed. The reason is fairly simple: fewer properties tend to hit the market at the end of the year and many potential buyers who started their search in the summer months, are still searching for their new home*.


If you do decide to time the listing of your home with the best-selling season, let Colorado Blinds and Design help. That’s right, we can actually assist you sell your home!  In addition to our FREE in-home window covering estimates and professional installation, Colorado Blinds and Designs also offers design and home staging services! Staging your home can help with the sale of your house for several reasons:


  • Get The Highest Price For Your Home – An aesthetically pleasing home looks and feels comfortable, and not only can potential home-buyers envision themselves living there, they really WANT to live there
  • Helps Your Home Sell Faster – The Association of Property Scene Designers states that staged homes sell 43% faster than homes that are not.
  • Learn For Your Next Home – Bringing in one of our professional stagers can help you with ideas and tips to take with you to your new home!
  • You Never Get a Second Chance To Get a First Impression!


To learn more about our Decorating and Home Staging Services, call us at 970-663-0505 and let’s get your old home sold and your new home started!


*Source: Group Real Estate Inc.Insider, Vol. 39, No. 9

Loveland Model Home

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Below shows our work inside a model home in Loveland, Colorado. This home features contemporary style throughout from the dining area to the bathrooms.







Loveland, Colorado Custom Home Design

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Loveland Colorado Custom Home

We recently completed a custom home here in Loveland, Colorado featuring European Country style combined with Colorado Rustic. Judy Magara (owner) provided design services in addition to carpeting, wood flooring, counter tops, tile, wall finishes, and motorized window coverings.



Current Rebates and Offers

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Save on Hunter Douglas productswith

FREE LiteRise Cordless Operating System or Top-Down/Bottom-Up with Duette Honeycomb Shades

FREE LiteRise on Silhouette Window Shadings

FREE Simplelift Cordless Operating System with Everwood Faux Woods

FREE UltraGlide Operating System with Designer Roller & Screen Shades & Duette

FREE TruView rear tilt with New Style Hybrid Shutters

PLUS $100 Rebate when you purchase:
1 Duette Vertiglide
2 Vignette Window Shadings
4 Duette Honeycomb Shades or
4 Solera Soft Shades
We are your motorization professionals!

Let us show you how you can use a Hunter Douglas Pebble Remote control or operate your motorized shades from anywhere with your mobile device.
Program “scenes” for automatic operation each day, and
change their position and the light in your room as often as you like!

2013 Federal Tax Credit Opportunity

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The following products if mounted inside mount over double pane glass windows have been certified for the Federal Energy Tax Credit:

  • Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Shades
  • Hunter Douglas Duette Alustra Architella Shades


Exclusions do apply. Visit www.hunterdouglas.com/taxcredit to learn more.

Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Sustainable Design

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What is it?

Sustainability encompasses a wide variety of practices and is essentially the same concept as “being green.” It includes recycling, and using recycled products as well as using renewable resources for products. Today the sustainability mindset exists in many industries and has become a major trend in the Interior Design world.

Sustainable Homes

Recently many homes have been incorporating sustainability into their designs. This can be achieved in many different ways.


The one way that most people immediately think of to make their home “green” is by installing solar panels. This can greatly decrease energy costs in the home, especially here in sunny Colorado.

Solar panels have become more aesthetically pleasing, but they do have a certain “look” that not all people enjoy. In Colorado, where the majority of roofs are pitched, it would be unavoidable to have the panels seen. This makes it essential to include them in the design planning of the home instead of adding them as an afterthought.

The only other possible negative of solar panels is the initial cost of installation. While this cost will be made up in following years, it can be a deterrent in the decision to install.


Green Materials


This bathroom makes use of a technique that is not only sustainable, but it is also beautiful and cost effective.

The counter top is made of cement with pieces of glass mixed in. The product is then polished to create a beautiful and unique finish. Many times products such as this incorporate recycled glass from bottles or even broken windshields. This product is considered to be one of the most sustainable on the market.

The floor in this image uses a similar technique by using cement mixed with pebbles which can be much more cost effective than using other specialty flooring.

The wood used on the cabinets under the sink is another sustainable material that not many people consider. These cabinets are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource because bamboo plants reach maturity in 2-4 years as opposed to some hardwoods that can take decades. Bamboo can be stained a variety of colors and can be used on floors as well as cabinets.


Sustainable Products

Hunter Douglas window coverings are a great way to add an element of sustainability to any home. Specifically Hunter Douglas focuses on insulation, solar heat control, and daylighting so that electricity does not have to be used during the day when the shades are down.



The most energy conservative product that Hunter Douglas has to offer are the Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades. The cell within a cell construction forms three air pockets which makes it the best window covering for saving on heating and cooling costs.




Hunter Douglas offers many other products that are top performers for insulation, solar heat control, or daylighting. These include the Silhouette ®, Luminette ®, and Vignette ® which offer a different look than a typical honeycomb shade. While they do not have the extreme benefits of the Duette ® Architella ®, they are still an option in making a home more sustainable.

These Hunter Douglas window coverings and many more can be found in our showroom and we would be glad to help you make your home more sustainable.

By: Sandra Fontani

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