The Federal Government has approved a 30% Tax Credit for purchase of energy efficient products that started in 2023 and will run for 10 years through 2032. There are several window coverings that qualify for this tax credit with a maximum amount a homeowner can claim of $1200.00 per year on all products combined.

One of the most common product consumers are using this tax credit for is window coverings. Not all window coverings qualify, so, when purchasing these products, be sure to ask the dealer if their specific products are eligible.

The Hunter Douglas Duettes and Applause honeycomb shades qualify with some specific limitations. These products qualify because they were tested by the federal government to help reduce utility costs with shades specifically designed to provide year-round insulation. The testing agency for these products is the AERC (Attachments Energy Rating Council) which is part of the Department of Energy. The light filtering Duette Architella shades save 70% of heat gain in the warmer months and save 40% heat loss in the winter months. Hunter Douglas is the only window coverings manufacturer to qualify for this rating.

Consumers can contribute to a more sustainable environment by lowering energy use and at the same time gaining savings on their utility bills. It is a win-win opportunity that has immediate benefits with the tax credit by directly lowering your tax bill for that year.

By lowering window shades at the right time of the day heat loss is reduced in the winter and the shades also help to keep the heat out in the summer months. The insulation qualities of honeycomb shades increase energy savings year round and can make rooms with a lot of sun much more comfortable by filtering out both light and heat. Especially with windows that get a lot of sun, the improvement is drastic.

These honeycomb shades can also be motorized and have additional features that add many
valuable conveniences:

  • Safety and security by opening and closing the shades on a schedule by using an app
  • Cordless controls for child safety
  • Increases in perceived home value
  • Ease of operation for higher up windows and hard to reach areas
  • Ease of use for those with physical limitations
  • Light filtering and room darkening options allow for privacy or substantial room darkening
    for better rest
  • Top down bottom up option allows shades to open from the top so you can see out but
    still keeping privacy
  • How do you get your tax credit?
  • First purchase and install qualifying products between January 1 and December 31,
  • 2024 of the applicable tax year
  • Save your Federal Tax Credit invoice and/or proof of payment for the amount paid for the
    products. Costs for measuring, installing, sales tax and shipping are not included.
  • Meet with your Tax Professional to deduct the 30% credit from your tax return.

In summary, the 30% Federal Tax Credit is a wonderful way to save on your taxes and add energy-efficient products to your home. There are sometimes added benefits like manufacturer’s rebates and other discounts when ordering these products. It is important to ask the right questions in order to purchase the right products.