Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

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The environment of our bedroom has a major impact on the quality and quantity of our sleep. Here at Colorado Blinds & Design, we know that your bedroom should be the most luxurious personal space in your home — soothing and conducive to relaxation and ultimately, sleep. If you haven’t put much thought into window treatments for your bedroom, now is the time consider updating for the sake of more (and better) Zzzzs!

The designers at Colorado Blinds & Design like to recommend blackout curtains and window treatments to block the sun and street lights to protect your sleep. Light exposure at the wrong times alters the body’s internal “sleep clock”, so as you can imagine, all the exposure we receive to artificial light (think your computer and smartphone screens), has damaging effects on our sleep. We want to make sure your window treatments lend themselves to creating a peaceful and DARK environment.

After a designer discusses with you your bedroom and sleep needs, she will then propose a variety of window treatment options, such as:

Roller Shades
Blackout roller shades are an economical way to help prevent the light from disrupting your sleep. They can be minimalistic by design, rolling neatly at the top of your window. These shades give you complete control over your window treatments to let the daylight in while you’re awake and block it out when you’re ready for sleep.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are a popular choice for bedrooms because they provide a soft, elegant look and are also available in blackout fabrics.

Cellular Shades
Cellular shades have great insulating properties. Not only can they block out the light, they can help keep your room cool as well. Cellular shades are available in many different colors and light-filtering options, making it easy to find the right fit for your room.

Combine curtains with shades or blinds
When you use drapery in conjunction with your blinds or shades, you add another layer of coverage, privacy, and light control. Drapery also helps add some dimension and style to ensure your bedroom feels like the comforting oasis you desire it to be.

If you’re ready to commit to a better night’s sleep and a more cozy bedroom, give us a call or stop by the Colorado Blinds & Design showroom today!

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

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You’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to your soul, right? Well, your windows are the eyes into  the soul to your home! Window treatments can set the tone for your home and add a little soul, not to mention value! With that in mind, here are a few window treatment ideas for you:

1. Drapery
Functionally, drapery provides light control and privacy. Aesthetically, drapery adds elegance, and are available in many different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Panels hang vertically from hardware at the top of your window and can easily be layered with any existing window treatments if desired.

2. Roman Shades
Roman shade provide the functionality of a shade while maintaining the soft appearance of drapery. Consisting of a single piece of fabric with horizontal folds down the length, these shades lie flat against your window when down and fold up beautifully when raised. Check out our Roman Shades here in the showroom, available in endless colors and fabrics.

3. Shutters

A classic window treatment, shutters add architectural design directly to your windows. What’s more, they add real value to your home. Colorado Blinds and Designs carries a variety of shutters available in polysatin, engineered wood, and real wood. Check out some of our options here.

4. Wood Blinds

If you’re looking for a classic style that’s sure to outlast trends, wood blinds are a great option. Real wood blinds are composed of various grains and stains, are durable, and sure to last. Colorado Blinds and Design has great faux wood products available as well. Faux wood blinds have the same look as wood, but are a more affordable option when working within a budget.

5. Honeycomb Shades

If energy-efficient window treatments are important to you, honeycomb shades may be for you. The insulating design reduces up to 50% energy loss and can be easily fabricated to fit archways and other specialty shapes.

6. Wood Woven Shades

Wood Woven shades are made from a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses, reeds, and more. These textured shades are great for more casual spaces and here at Colorado Blinds and Design, we have a variety of opacities to choose from depending on the look and privacy you desire.

7. Panel Track Blinds

If you’re drawn to vertical blinds, Panel track blinds are a great modern alternative, as they are sleek and very versatile.  Panel track blinds slide back a forth to conveniently provide ultimate light and privacy control. These blinds can be used on small or large windows.

8. Roller Shades

Roller shades do just that; they roll up!  Roller shades appear minimal and discreet when raised and can be a great UV blocker to minimize damage and fading to your interior. Various opacities are available.
9. Pleated Shades
Pleated shades are a great and affordable option if privacy and UV blockage are priorities. Here at Colorado Blinds and Design, we have over 160 material and color options and five opacities to choose from.

These are just a few of the window treatment options Colorado Blinds and Design as to offer. To learn more about them, or the countless other options we have available, visit the showroom today!




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