Vertical Woven Woods: Great Product at a Great Price

At Colorado Blinds & Design, we are beyond excited that Hunter Douglas® decided to introduce one of our favorite products, Provenance® Woven Woods, to their vertical collection. We became ecstatic when we discovered that the price point for this product is extremely economical. But we will get to that a bit later! First, let’s talk about what makes this product so great.

The woven woods collection is made of bamboo, reeds, grasses and, you guessed it, woods. Fabricators take great care in hand weaving the materials to create a quality shade that adds warmth and a casual feel to any space. And now, this product is available in a vertical application in addition to the existing horizontal shade that was already on the market. Bonus: the horizontal and vertical shades are from the same collection, and we can coordinate shades between the two applications.

We love Hunter Douglas® because of the exceptional quality of their products and the lifetime limited warranty they provide for the consumer. They also take extra steps to ensure innovation and quality are encompassed in every design feature. Provenance® Woven Shades are no exception.

Numerous upgrades and design features can be specified when ordering Provenance® Woven Shades. For example, edge banding protects the edges of the shades and guarantees extra durability. Also, it adds a design element to the shade that customizes the look of the shade. For added privacy, a light filtering or room darkening lining can be added to the shade. Each shade comes with a standard valance, but upgrades are available.

Now…let’s talk about price. Provenance® shades in a vertical application are actually in the lower 1/3 price group when compared to all the vertical applications that Hunter Douglas® offers. A basic lined Provenance® vertical shade on a 7′ by 7′ door would be about $500. The average consumer would be hard pressed to find a hand crafted product at such a great price point!