Blind Repair vs. Replacement

Many of our customers are at a loss in deciding when to simply repair a shade and when to replace a shade. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is not always cut and dry..

We probably couldn't repair this blind

Colorado Blinds & Design can Repair Most Blinds, but we Specialize in Repairs for Hunter Douglas®. Our policy, per Hunter Douglas®, is to repair any HD® shade that the current homeowner purchased for the home for for free under a lifetime limited warranty, regardless if the Hunter Douglas® product was purchased from us or not. The warranty includes problems such as restrings, cord replacements, cord lock replacements, tilter and wand repair/replacements and re-laddering. Hunter Douglas® warranties their products for life because they are confident the quality, engineering and extensive testing of their products is unparalleled and will last, you guessed it, a lifetime. So if any of your Hunter Douglas® shades are malfunctioning, bring ’em in and we will take good care of you.

We also repair other brands, but charge $55 per shade plus the cost of parts. If you are unsure whether your shade can be repaired or not, simply bring it to our showroom and one of our trained window covering specialists will help you assess the blind and decide whether or not it is worth fixing. Our policy is to not accept blinds (or brands) we deem not worth our time and your money to repair. We won’t accept your money to repair an inferior shade.