The Importance of Pre-Wiring for New Residential Construction

Today, technology plays an important, if not vital, role in everyday life. Technology not only makes everyday life easier, it makes it possible.

Enormous new strides in technological advances are made everyday. The latest innovation in homes, which is relatively inexpensive and can add considerable value to your home, is prewiring for home automation and “smart home” capabilities.

The term “prewiring” refers to the installation of the appropriate cables and wires during a new home’s construction. It includes the electrical wiring, as well as the low voltage, home systems cabling. Essentially, all that is needed to make smart homes possible is the extra wiring cable and small about of extra labor to run the appropriate cables to the correct location within the home. So, for a small amount of money, you can have a home with full automation capabilities. Because of the low cost and high return on investment (when selling the home later), movement toward making prewiring for new residential construction in custom homes the standard is beginning to take effect.

You might be asking yourself Why does this matter? And why is this on a website about window coverings? Well, prewiring can extend to windows, especially those high windows that are impossible to reach. Then, when the home is finished and you are shopping for window coverings, we can install motorized shades that hook up to the prewiring. Now, you have motorized window coverings that do not require a change of batteries once a year. You can even control the shades with your IPad or tablet. How cool is that?

If you are thinking of building a new home, consider prewiring. If you have any questions or would like to talk about prewiring more in-depth, call (970-663-0505) or stop by our showroom to schedule an appointment with Chris, our motorization and wiring guru. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and would be happy to answer any questions and explain the prewiring procedures.