Spotlight on Ed and Barb Seifert

At Colorado Blinds & Design, we are committed to finding the perfect design solution for our clients. Our 30 years of experience in the design industry has taught us a lot, including the best companies and contractors to use for our client’s special projects.

Ed and Barb Seifert are just one of the great companies we love to use. The Seiferts own E.A. Seifert Landscape, Inc. and can assist with your landscape needs. They specialize in a plethora of landscape services, including water features, tree and shrub planting, lighting, fire pits, landscape renovations, irrigation systems, fences and arbors, planting, art, sculpture and floral displays.

They designed and fabricated this beautiful sculpture for our clients Steve and Patty. They were thrilled with the piece; take a look at what they had to say…

Thanks for recommending Ed Seifert.  We saw him today at 2pm and found just the perfect piece for the cubby over the stairway.  Really a neat guy with great ideas.  He had one piece on his website that he sold…but had another one in his house that he is going to modify a bit for us. 

Again, really appreciate your recommendations and thoughts.

We are committed to the client’s happiness here at Colorado Blinds & Design. If we can’t help you with your design needs, we will find someone who can.

Take a look at the E.A. Seifert Landscape, Inc. website!

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