The latest interior design trends are reflecting our design philosophy here at Colorado Blinds & Design, and we couldn’t be more excited!

According to the Home Fashion Forecast Trend Ticker, interior design trends are leaning towards classic and timeless prints and pieces. At Colorado Blinds & Design, we highly advise spending money on quality, timeless pieces because they will virtually never go out of style. Trendy pieces and accessories do have their place. However, we advise that our clients do not spend a hefty amount of money on them, as they will eventually go out of style. Here are some examples of timeless interior design elements:

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  • Use of traditional fabrics, such as Ikats, Indigenous patterns, Stripes, Damasks, Plaids, Florals and Herringbones. Designers are adapting and modifying these prints by adding bright colors.
  • Classic shapes and silhouettes are always in style. A plethora of furniture pieces fall into this category, including high-back chairs, armories, chests, and dressers.
  • Animal Prints! Don’t cringe just yet. When done correctly, animal prints add a sophisticated edge to an interior. The key is to use animal prints in small amounts, and incorporate an authentic pattern with classic materials. Think zebra rugs, cheetah pillows and giraffe print high-back chairs.
  • Metal light fixtures. NO trashy brassy fixtures! Think brushed nickel, antique bronze and hammered copper.


Classic touches will add sophistication and class to any space. Virtually every furniture or home accent store has pieces that have a classic flair. You just have to know what you are looking for! If you are still stumped, we would be glad to help. Give us a call or visit our showroom.