Congrats, Judy!

Judy Magara, owner of Colorado Blinds & Design, was asked to speak at her EarlyBirds Leads group in Loveland. The group is organized by the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and is designed for  businesses build and develop by sharing leads and referrals. Each week, a chamber investor presents an informal speech about their business and their experiences. See below for detailed information about the Early Birds Leads Group.

Mission: Focus on building investor businesses through leads and referrals in a positive, cooperative, working environment.


  • Share marketing and sales ideas
  • Build strong bonds between members resulting in solid referrals
  • Ongoing support for your business
  • Professional advice from fellow participants
  • Share new information on your products and services

Who May Participate:

  • Open for 1-time attendance by all new Chamber investors.
  • Permanent enrollment is pending a review of your business or organization with regards to category conflict with existing group members (one business per category)

Agenda: Welcome and introduction of 1st Timers/Visitors followed by around the room introduction of your business. There will be a 15 minute presentation followed by a 5-10 minute Q&A period. The speakers for the presentation will be selected in advance from the group. The morning will finish with Chamber News, Community Event announcements from members, kudos or define what would be a good lead for your business and closing words by Chamber facilitator.