2012 Color Trends

Are you thinking of revamping your space, but unsure of what to do or where to even start? We can help!

There are 6 distinct color trends that have emerged for 2012. These color palettes are fresh, yet timeless, and are the basic building blocks for any design upgrade that you want to make.

Check out the color palettes below, complete with an example of an interior that beautifully represents the palette!

Calm Cools

A cool color palette invokes a sense of calm. Serenity and balance are achieved with the incorporation of any greens, blues or purples. This color palette is great for a bedroom.










Warm Neutrals

A palette accented with warm neutrals invokes energy and excitement into a space. This color palette is ideal for living and dining rooms, or anywhere that social gatherings are prominent.











Neutral palettes are calming and classic. To ensure that the space does not become stagnant and boring, it is essential to incorporate a variety of textures and finishes.