GREENGUARD Certified Blinds for Your Health

When shopping for new blinds and window treatments, you may consider:

  • Do these blinds match the interior and exterior of my home?
  • Will they help reduce my energy costs?
  • How much light will they let in?
  • How difficult are they to maintain?

However, It is likely that you forgot to ask:

Do these blinds produce unpleasant or even dangerous noxious fumes?

If you haven’t considered if the blinds you’re considering emit harmful vapors — also known as off-gassing, Colorado Blinds & Design is here to help you understand the issue!

What is Off-Gassing?

Off-gassing is often experienced as that “new” scent you enjoy when purchasing a new car, lay new carpet, or buy new furniture. While you may perceive that smell as new, fresh, and clean, it can be harmful to your health. It can cause headache, difficulty breathing, and eye and throat irritation. This is especially important to consider with little ones with developing lungs.

Off-gassing occurs when new, manufactured items in our home (think cabinets, mattresses, furniture, and blinds) release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals. Depending on the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, these common household items can off-gas for as long as five years!

What Can I Do To Keep My Home Safe from Off-Gassing?

Whether you choose Colorado Blinds & Design for your window coverings needs or look somewhere else, make sure to ask about off-gasing and GREENGUARD standards. The lack of those standards is often the reason why you are finding such a low price.

We are committed to making your home as safe as it is beautiful. That is why we are proud to offer Hunter Douglas products, which undergo rigorous testing to verify they meet stringent GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions indoors. The best part…we can often offer a competitive price over non-greengaurd products. Isn’t it worth finding out the difference before you make a decision to purchase new blinds?

To ensure you are purchasing the safest blinds and window treatments for your family, visit us at our showroom and let us show you our selection of GREENGUARD Certified products today!