Vahallan Hand Painted Wall Coverings

At Colorado Blinds & Design, we know that the easiest and most affordable way to update a space is to change wall colors and coverings. That’s why we love the unique look of Vahallan hand painted wall coverings.

Vahallan hand painted wall coverings are just that: a custom, hand painted paper that is applied to walls and other surfaces.  The application process is different than that of a traditional wall paper. Pieces of the paper are torn and “decoupaged” to the surface, eliminating seams found in traditional wall papers. Vahallan designed the papers to be flexible enough to be cut into virtually any shape, from circles to diamonds.

This product has many benefits, including color customization, repair-ability, and durability. The product is also easy to repair, clean and install.

Take a look at the photo gallery below to see all of the amazing patterns and colors that Vahallan offers. Scott Busby of Busby Painting completed all of the installations and did an amazing job. Stop in our showroom to see the sample book, or call today for more information.