Congrats, Judy!

Colorado Blinds & Design has a  writer in their midst!

That’s right! One of the owners, Judy Magara, recently won an IPad 2 by entering a contest sponsored by Hunter Douglas® wherein sales people were asked to share their Duette® Architella® sales success story. She wrote a short essay addressing the prompt and won! Check out her success story below..

I had an engineer who called me and came into our showroom.  He came in with his children and was very distracted.  He told me he had just bought very good replacement windows and only wanted to look at our lowest cost honeycomb shade.  I told him I would show it to him but I also wanted to show him the Duette Architella and explain the reasons why it was a better value even though the price was higher.  We talked about the insulating quality of a double pane window by itself with nothing in it and then the difference with an Applause single honeycomb shade versus a Duette Architella shade.  I explained the energy savings on heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer and how the difference in insulating qualities would actually save him money over the years.   He listened to what I had to say and not only purchased Duette Architella shades, but decided on the Meritage Duette Architella (the most expensive of the Architella shades).  About six months later, he called for an appointment.  I measured his basement windows and sold him more Duette Meritage Architella honeycomb shades.  He has given my name to several of his friends.  The Federal Tax Credit wasn’t a concern to him because he had already used it on his replacement windows.  This just proves that product knowledge means all the difference in selling Duette Architella shades.