Blue is the New Black!

The color black is ubiquitous in home décor. It pairs well with just about any other color. It feels classy. It can add a splash of elegance to any living space. But now, trendy decorators are making the shift to blues. Deep blues such as indigo have become a favorite for those looking to add a rich, dark accent without the harshness of black. With its preference over black growing steadily, blue is indeed becoming the new black. When thinking of using blues in your home, here are some things to consider:

• DO mix blues with soft neutrals. The blue will help make these colors pop.
• DON’T be afraid to mix blue and black. What was once thought to be taboo, blue and black are being used together more frequently today.
• DO mix rich shades of blue with sharp contrast colors.
• DON’T paint a wall a deep blue unless it is an accent wall. Four walls of blue will darken a room significantly.
• DO map out your splashes of blue in a space. Hang a blue piece of art, then set out a rug with blue accents, and add a blue pillow.
• DON’T miss opportunities to introduce blues in interesting ways, such as water-inspired art or photography.



Blue artwork adds a touch of glam to an otherwise bland hallway.