Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year Is……

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Last week, Benjamin Moore announced it’s 2017 color of the year; a deep, saturated purple called Shadow.


Benjamin Moore’s creative director describes Shadow as “allusive and enigmatic,” and explains that it reflects consumers’ newfound level of confidence in using deeper, saturated colors.

We know that using rich, darker colors like Shadow, Dark Burgundy, Salamander, and Guacamole in your home can be a little intimidating, but in the right space, it can feel both sophisticated and cozy. The designers here at Colorado Blinds and Design would love to show you how to make the most out of this fresh, new color trend. Call or stop by today!

Secrets to Selling Your Home in Northern Colorado

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Secrets to Selling Your Home in Northern Colorado

You’ve probably already noticed, but in case you haven’t, housing marketingmis HOT right now. In fact, new home sales hit their highest level since April 2008. Home prices also hit a record high, which if you live in Northern Colorado, you’re definitely aware of. With the housing market doing so well, more first-time home buyers are entering the market making it easier for people to sell. If you’re one of those people looking to sell, Colorado Blinds and Designs has a few tips to help you sell even faster!

Lighten Up

After location, buyers say “good light” is something they want in a home. Maximize the light in your house by replacing bulky, out-dated drapery, change the lamp shades, and increase the wattage of your bulbs. Do whatever you need to do to make your space feel more open and cheery.
Half-Empty Closets

Buyers are always looking for storage! Consider taking half of your stuff out of your closets and neatly organize what’s left.
Hide The Pets
Although many people are self-described animal people, they don’t necessarily like the idea of them living in a house they may potentially purchase. Dog bowls, bedding, and kitty litter boxes give buyers the impression your house is not clean, so consider sending Fido to a friend’s house or a pet hotel for the day.

Don’t Over-Upgrade
Quick fixes before selling pay off, but huge make-overs aren’t necessary, especially in today’s market. Focus on the small improvements that will pay off and get you top dollar — fresh paint, new curtains, cabinet hardware, etc.

The more personal stuff you keep in your home, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves there. Before you show your house, store a third of your belongs, especially personal effects — family photos, collections, keepsakes, etc. You may also want to consider hiring one of our interior designers to help stage your home to maximize its full potential. A designer can see your home a new light and help you arrange your furniture and belongings to best showcase the floor plan and the use of space.


Swing by our showroom and talk to one of our designers and get more tips on how to ensure your home sells quickly at the price you want. You can also pick up the pieces you need for improvements during our Summer Sale! Through June, get 50% OFF all wall art, accessories, and furniture!


2016 Remodeling Trend: Gray Is the New Beige

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Gray is the hot new neutral of 2016. In fact, because of gray’s ability to mix with beige tones to become the latest go-to-color, designers are calling the trend: Greige.

Gray neutrals are so popular right now because their versatility allows you to mix and match warm and cool colored walls, rugs, furniture, and accent pieces without feeling stuck in one style. Some may think of gray as impersonal and/or limited, but there are actually a wide range of hazy, smoky, cool and even warm grays to choose from.

The key to choosing the right gray is determining the right undertone for your room. Consult with an experienced designer at Colorado Blinds and Design and we’d be happy to help you choose the perfect shade for your space!

Colorado Blinds & Design Bathroom Remodel Workbook

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The average person will spend 1 ½ years of their lifetime in the bathroom. Skeptical? See for yourself.


Trivia aside, your home’s bathroom(s) is obviously one of the most important rooms in your house and renovating it is a great way to: 1.) add value to home, 2.) correct odd or unsafe features (goodbye seafoam green tiles from the 70’s), 3.) add more space, 4.) Enjoy a more energy efficient home, and 5.) make your home look and feel more luxurious and modern. If remodeling your bathroom is on your To Do List this spring, here is Colorado Blinds & Design’s step-by-step Bathroom Redesign Workbook to help you navigate the process!


Colorado Blinds & Design Bathroom Remodel Workbook

Step 1: Ask Yourself What You’re Trying to Achieve

Ask yourself what you’re remodeling objective is. Forget about your budget constraints, how much space you have, etc. and just think about what is intended for this bathroom:

  • Who is this bathroom for?
  • How often will it get used and what will its function be?
  • How much time do you spend in the bathroom in the morning, afternoon, evening?
  • How many people are going to use it?
  • What are your priorities- storage, relaxation, resale only?
  • What would your dream bathroom include?


If you’re happy with the layout and just want to update the look, then you’ll be focusing on material selection and maybe new cabinetry or plumbing features.


If you’re updating your bathroom in preparation for the resale your home, you need to consider what is important to potential buyers. Do a little research; talk to your friends and neighbors, or come in to Colorado Blinds and Design to talk to one of our designers for insight into what Northern Colorado homeowners are looking for.


If you’re remodeling to improve your bathroom’s functionality and/or storage, you may likely need to gut the space and rearrange the elements within it. You may even need to reroute the plumbing, meaning you’re looking at a whole new bathroom and the time and budget to match.


Step 2: Do Your Research & Set Your Budget

Although you probably already have a good idea of how much you have to spend, you want to make sure you have a realistic understanding of how much a bathroom model will cost. According to an article on, a basic update runs from $3,000 (DIY) – $12,000, on average, where a mid-to-upper range remodel typically falls between $10,000 and $35,000.


It is prudent to factor in a cushion of 10-20% for unforeseen costs. If you want to keep costs down, see if you can accomplish your updates without moving existing plumbing or wiring.


If you’re still feeling unsure about how much your project will cost, please talk to one of our professionals for some realistic figures.


Step 3: Find a Professional

If you have a clear idea of what you want, where you’ll get what you want, and how it will all work together, then you can probably handle the design phase of your project yourself. However, a professional at Colorado Blinds & Design may be able to think of things that you haven’t considered. Sometimes a professional eye can take your space to a place you didn’t even know it could go; to arrange it in a creative way to maximize functionality and efficiency.


Check out samples of work here to see what we mean!


If you’re not confident in your demolition, construction and installation abilities, you may want to consider hiring a general contractor. There is definite margin for error when you attempt to lay tile and flooring, install vanities and toilets, etc. yourself. These errors can result in lost time and money. When in doubt, hire a pro to help!


For major structural changes, you may need to consult with an architect and you almost always want to hire plumbing and electrical work out. Here at Colorado Blinds at Designs, we are always happy to refer you to a professional  to fit your needs.


Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Plan

The devil is in the details and now is the time to start thinking about them. Consider exactly how your elements will lay out — how everything will fit in the space you have. How will you create more space if you need it? Where will the outlets go? How will you access the main power source? Where should you put the toilet, what about the toilet paper, etc.?
You also want to solidify the style of your bathroom. Will it have an industrial or contemporary feel? You can look online or in magazines for inspiration, or you can talk to one of our designers to figure out what would work best for your home and your personal aesthetic.

Colorado Blinds & Design Bathroom Remodel Workbook 1

Step 5: Approve Plan

If you have sketches and preliminary floor plans, now is the time finalize the major elements and their spacing. Once you have all your measurements, you’ll how many square feet of countertop to order, etc.You’ll also have the information you and your designer need to start shopping around for prices on materials.


Step 6: Choose Your Materials, Finishes and Colors

Now for the real fun! Start researching materials so you’ll have enough knowledge to talk to your designer or supplier about what you want. For example, you like the look of grout, but it’s more important to you that your bathroom be easy to clean, so you now you can research easier to maintain options.


In general, you will be choosing:

  • Bathtub
  • Countertops
  • Color
  • Faucets
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Storage
  • Tile
  • Toilet
  • Vanities


Step 7: Review Design Development and Construction Documents

During this phase, you should be reviewing all your floor plans, layouts, and elevations. Keep on top of your project, because if something is not specified in your construction drawings, your installer may make a decision on the spot for you, and it may not be what you wanted.


This stage also includes the permit process. If you’ve hired a professional, they will help handle this for you. However, if you’re doing much of the work yourself, make sure you know what permits you need and where and how to submit drawings.


Step 8: Get Estimates From Contractors

Be sure to get 3 separate estimates from licensed contractors for your project. Colorado Blinds & Design is always happy to help you find and interview potential candidates. Although tempting, don’t base your final decision primarily on price; sometimes you really do get what you pay for.


Step 9: Plan for Installation and Prepare for Demo

Depending on the size and scope of your remodel, it could take 6 weeks to 8 months to complete, so be prepared!


Be sure all your materials are selected and ordered before construction starts to prevent any delays.


Are you and your family ready for the disruption? Where will you shower? Where will your store needed materials? Figure out when the workers will be there and if someone will always be around to answer questions when they arise.


Step 10: Create a Post-Project List

Get organized. Be sure to keep all your receipts, contracts, warranties, and product information associated with project. It’s better to be safe than sorry, just in case something is wrong, scratched, missing, broken, etc.


Create a document or write an email detailing any issues and make sure to get it to the party responsible for correcting the mistake. Include a date the work should be completed and work with your contractor to ensure the issue is resolved. Also, take a deep breath; mistakes happen, especially in large, complex projects.


Step 11: Decorate (and Celebrate)

Congrats! Your bathroom remodel is now complete and it’s time to add all your finishing touches: towels, soap holder, and more!


Call Colorado Blinds & Design and schedule your bathroom remodel consultation today!


Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

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NEW: Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

Unique Soft Shades Product from Hunter Douglas

A new year means time for a new look, and we have a new blind product available here at Colorado Blinds and Design to help you create a fluid and sculpted look to match the new chic and sculpted you in 2016!

Solera Soft Shades are the newest in the Hunter Douglas family of products, and are available in many beautiful fabrics and colors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Solera Soft Shades can improve your room’s acoustics and also reduce the intensity of outside noise. One of our design professionals can help you choose the right fabric depending on the degree of sound of control you desire.
  • These shades protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays. Just think, your skin will benefit, too!
  • Like with all our Hunter Douglas products, Solera Soft Shades are covered with a lifetime limited guarantee, to ensure your new blinds last.

To get a better look at the new Solera Soft Shade, come by the showroom and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the different fabrics, colors and operating systems that can make these the perfect option for your home in 2016.



The 2016 Color of The Year Is…..

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The 2016 Color of The Year was recently announced by Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams’ Director of Color Marketing, and it is… drum roll, please….. ALABASTER!

Alabaster is a fine grained sedimentary rock that comes from gypsum, and is an understated, slightly warm white color. As Jackie points out in her blog post, it is sometimes debated whether white is really a color at all, but ultimately, white is extremely versatile and works well with any designer’s taste, as simple or as eclectic as it may be. Since alabaster is not a stark white, it tends to trigger soothing, meditative feelings, so it’s suggested to pair it with a neutral color palette of soft greys, dusty blushes, or other soft earthy tones.

If you can’t quite visualize how alabaster can enhance your living space, swing by Colorado Blinds & Designs for a color consultation, where we’d be more than happy to help you generate a few ideas!


Why October – December Are The Best Months to Sell (and Redecorate) Your Home!

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Why October – December Are The Best Months to Sell (and Redecorate) Your Home!

It’s no secret that right now, everyone and their brother wants to own a home in beautiful Northern Colorado. In fact, homeowners enjoyed the highest home appreciation in the country over a 12 month period (ending on June 30), and both Fort Collins and Greeley are among the nation’s top housing markets and financial fitness*.


With all the excitement surrounding the current Colorado housing boom, it’s likely you have considered taking advantage of the fact your house has appreciated in value, even after doing nearly nothing to it! If you have been remodeling and updating your home, you have probably imagined how much you could get back on your investment. With that said, it may be time to quit dreaming and start acting. If there was ever a time to list your house it’s 4th quarter; if there was ever a time to redecorate your home, it’s NOW!


Although we typically tend to think of spring and summer as the ideal time to sell, the statistics say otherwise. According to, Autumn (October through December) in Northern Colorado sees the highest ratio of homes sold to homes listed. The reason is fairly simple: fewer properties tend to hit the market at the end of the year and many potential buyers who started their search in the summer months, are still searching for their new home*.


If you do decide to time the listing of your home with the best-selling season, let Colorado Blinds and Design help. That’s right, we can actually assist you sell your home!  In addition to our FREE in-home window covering estimates and professional installation, Colorado Blinds and Designs also offers design and home staging services! Staging your home can help with the sale of your house for several reasons:


  • Get The Highest Price For Your Home – An aesthetically pleasing home looks and feels comfortable, and not only can potential home-buyers envision themselves living there, they really WANT to live there
  • Helps Your Home Sell Faster – The Association of Property Scene Designers states that staged homes sell 43% faster than homes that are not.
  • Learn For Your Next Home – Bringing in one of our professional stagers can help you with ideas and tips to take with you to your new home!
  • You Never Get a Second Chance To Get a First Impression!


To learn more about our Decorating and Home Staging Services, call us at 970-663-0505 and let’s get your old home sold and your new home started!


*Source: Group Real Estate Inc.Insider, Vol. 39, No. 9

Loveland Model Home

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Below shows our work inside a model home in Loveland, Colorado. This home features contemporary style throughout from the dining area to the bathrooms.







Loveland, Colorado Custom Home Design

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Loveland Colorado Custom Home

We recently completed a custom home here in Loveland, Colorado featuring European Country style combined with Colorado Rustic. Judy Magara (owner) provided design services in addition to carpeting, wood flooring, counter tops, tile, wall finishes, and motorized window coverings.



10 Tips for Caring for Your Furnishings

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Check out these helpful tips for keeping your furniture looking brand new and flawless for generations to come.

1. Buy the best. The easiest way to make furniture last longer is to buy the highest quality you can afford. “Pieces made of solid wood with screwed and glued construction from manufacturers with a good reputation are going to be heritage pieces,” says Brent Simon, owner of Colorado Style Home Furnishings.

2. True grit. “Think of dust as very fine sandpaper; it can ruin your finish,” says Mike Ackerman, owner of Ackerman and Sons Furniture Workshop. Dust furnishings frequently with a barely damp cotton cloth such as an old T-shirt.

3. Keepin’ it clean. The dust that can hurt your wood finish isn’t doing any favors for your upholstery either. “Vacuum your furniture every time you vacuum the rest of the room,” says Ackerman.

4. Good oils. Once in a while your furniture’s wood needs a good oiling. Kate Sultan, co-owner of Modern Bungalow, recommends a light lemon or orange oil. Just apply liberally with a soft cloth, let it set for a few hours and then wipe away any excess. Avoid polishes with silicone; Ackerman recommends Guardsman Furniture Polish.

5. Moisturize. “If your lips feel dry, your furniture probably feels dry too,” says Simon. In Colorado’s low humidity, furniture can easily dry out to the point of cracking. The solution? Add a humidifier to your heating and cooling system or put a small humidifier in the room.

6. Made in the shade. Sunlight can fade fabrics and darken woods, says Simon. Keep pieces out of direct daylight if possible, and draw draperies as often as practical. Reorganize accessories frequently to avoid fade spots. Flip and rotate cushions to distribute wear and tear. Even rearrange the room periodically to even out your furniture’s exposure to light.

7. Thrills and spills. If you spill something on your upholstery, blot it up immediately; don’t let it set and don’t rub it in. And then have it professionally cleaned.

8. Age-defying skin. “Leather is skin,” says Sultan, “and just like your skin it needs moisturizing.” Every month or two you should condition leather with something like Liberon Leather Cream or Leather Tech Conditioner.

9. Ease joint pain. When furniture falls apart, it happens at the joints, Ackerman says. Can’t you just hear your grandmother telling you not to lean back in her dining room chairs? Well, don’t push furniture across the floor, either; lift it to move it. If a chair or table develops a wobbly leg or arm, have it professionally repaired right away. It’s less expensive to fix a wobble than to rebuild a break.

10. Too hot to handle. If a bowl or pot is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your wood. “Hot pots create burn rings,” says Sultan. Use a trivet or let the bowl cool down.


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