Interior Design Trend-Geometric Patterns

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This summer’s hottest new fashion trend is (drum roll please)…..geometric prints! It seems that you cannot escape this fun, fearless fashion trend, but then again, why would you want to?!

These power patterns were all the rage on the runway this Spring. Now that Summer is upon us, the interior design industry is playing catch-up and incorporating the concept into everything-pillows, draperies and even furniture!

Take a look at some of our favorite applications (and tips!) for this bold and fresh trend.



Go big or go home! Reupholster an entire chair in a geometric print and make the piece the emphasis of your space. The great thing about geometric patterns is that they are relatively timeless, so you won’t have to reupholster in a few years time. Geometric prints are reminiscent of Greek and Islamic cultures; these designs will never go “out.” Afraid you might make too much of a statement with a bold print? Choose one with a muted or neutral color.




Small accessories, like pillows or even lampshades, can incorporate this trend in a subtle, yet classy way. Don’t be afraid to use brighter colored prints in these applications.





Benches are a fun and cute way to incorporate this trend. They are waaay easier to reupholster than a chair and can easily be done at home with a staple gun and a few yards of fabric.


Things to Consider When Buying Window Coverings

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At Colorado Blinds & Design, we understand that the process of choosing window coverings can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. Our trained window covering specialists and interior designers can assist you in the process by helping you prioritize your needs and wants. In the mean time, check out the factors to consider when choosing what window coverings are right for you.

  • Room Type
  • Personal Style/Aesthetic
  • Shade Material and Color
  • Specialty Shapes (if any)
  • Privacy and Light Control
  • Window’s orientation to the sun
  • Views and desired view-through
  • Operating Systems
  • Price
Call or stop in today to talk to one of our expert staff members about these considerations. As always, our in-home estimates are free, so schedule yours today!

Hunter Douglas® Duette PowerRise™

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Check out another hilarious video from Hunter Douglas®. This one features Duette with PowerRise™ feature. Stop by to see our sample in the showroom today! In the mean time, enjoy this clip…


Design Studio™ Valances

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Our staff at Colorado Blinds & Design is THRILLED to share the newest trade secret with you. Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ valances are available on any Hunter Douglas© window covering product, NOT just Design Studio™ Roman Shades.

This little known “add-on sale” opportunity on available in over 250 gorgeous fabrics that include complimentary trims and tapes. Design Studio™ valances coordinate beautifully with virtually every Hunter Douglas© window treatment, and can even be ordered as a “stand alone” valance over a bare window.

Take a look at the gallery below to see the creative applications for Design Studio™ valances.



33rd Annual Kitchen Kaper Home Tour this Friday, April 27th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Colorado Blinds & Design is pleased to announce that three of our homes are included in the 33rd annual Kitchen Kaper Home Tour!

The Kitchen Kaper Home Tour is a self-guided home tour that showcases five  beautiful homes in the Loveland and Fort Collins areas.

This Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can enjoy the tour. Tickets are available for $30 at the day of the event. For more information, call 970-225-2897.

This highly anticipated event will showcase a universally designed home that exhibits handicap accessible features. Proceeds benefit Foothills Gateway, which works with people with cognitive disabilities. Join us for this great event to support a great cause!


2012 Color Trends

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Are you thinking of revamping your space, but unsure of what to do or where to even start? We can help!

There are 6 distinct color trends that have emerged for 2012. These color palettes are fresh, yet timeless, and are the basic building blocks for any design upgrade that you want to make.

Check out the color palettes below, complete with an example of an interior that beautifully represents the palette!

Calm Cools

A cool color palette invokes a sense of calm. Serenity and balance are achieved with the incorporation of any greens, blues or purples. This color palette is great for a bedroom.










Warm Neutrals

A palette accented with warm neutrals invokes energy and excitement into a space. This color palette is ideal for living and dining rooms, or anywhere that social gatherings are prominent.











Neutral palettes are calming and classic. To ensure that the space does not become stagnant and boring, it is essential to incorporate a variety of textures and finishes.





Hunter Douglas® Silhouette® LiteRise™ Demonstrated!

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At Colorado Blinds & Design, we are crazy about the new Silhouette®  with LiteRise™ from Hunter Douglas®.

We  just got our sample in our showroom and it is gorgeous. It is so easy to operate, and looks so sleek and elegant!

Stop by our showroom and give it a test drive, or watch the video here:


Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is defined as the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.

Now, whether you believe in this ancient art or not, there is no denying that certain furniture arrangements add or subtract from a space. Following some simple guidelines can add positive energy and movement to any room. Check out our tips below, courtesy of (

  • Dining RoomDos:
    • Use rounded and oval tables.
    • Use white plates, as they allow the natural beauty of the food to be the focal point of the meal.
    • Incorporate soft, comfortable chairs that are of equal size.
    • Give each person and chair a pleasant view.
    • Add serene artwork or imagery of food.


    • Have sharp, pointed edges on tables and chairs.
    • Use glass or metal tabletops, which are hard and unfriendly.
    • Hang intense or negative artwork.
    • Have low-hanging ceiling fans, which create an unsafe atmosphere.
    • Create cramped spaces, where people can’t comfortably sit or move around the table easily.
  • Living RoomDos:
    • Use beautiful, yet comfortable and safe furniture.
    • Arrange the furniture so the room is inviting and easily accessible.
    • Put the TV and other electrical equipment into a cabinet to be hidden from view when not in use.
    • Hang objects at the same height and create strong visual horizontal lines, especially when ceilings are extremely high.
    • Marry objects and face furniture together so they’re in relationship to one another.


    • Use uncomfortable furniture and seating.
    • Have too many decorative objects, unless they are organized together as a group.
    • Place too many pillows on the couch.
    • Use the TV as the focal point of the room or seating arrangement.
    • Have beams in the ceiling or sit directly beneath them for long periods of time.
  • Home OfficeDos:
    • Place your desk in the power spot, the area directly opposite the door.
    • Add sensual objects and artwork to inspire resourcefulness and productivity.
    • Bring in rounded shapes and move sharp-edged furniture out of the traffic flow.
    • Add healthy plants, which are beneficial to counter-balance the effects of electrical equipment.
    • Create a filing and storage system that is clearly labeled and easy to use.


    • Sit in the line of energy coming in through the door.
    • Hang uninspiring or mismatched artwork.
    • Paint the room in drab colors.
    • Use broken or uncomfortable office chairs.
    • Pile up paperwork or create clutter and disorganization.
    • Sit with your back toward the office door. If you must, hang a mirror to see behind you.
  • BedroomDos:
    • Sleep in the power spot, which is located directly opposite the door.
    • Add a solid headboard, ideally in a warm, friendly material such as wood or leather.
    • Replace bedding at least once a year to add a fresh, positive energy to the space.
    • Add romantic imagery or objects grouped in sets of two or pairs.
    • Use warm colors, flesh tones or red and pink to spice up the room and your romance.


    • Sleep with your body in line with the path of energy entering through the bedroom door.
    • Have TVs, computers or exercise equipment, unless they’re hidden away or in a storage cabinet.
    • Have an excess of mirrors, which can sometimes activate too much energy.
    • Use footboards, which prevent you from easily moving around the bed.
    • Place one side of the bed against a wall. There should be equal space on either side for two people to comfortably enter and exit.
  • BathroomDos:
    • Create a beautiful, uplifting and organized space.
    • Add new linens, bath soaps, plants, soft lighting and other beautiful accessories.
    • Add a mirror to the door to help the bathroom visually disappear.
    • Put a divider between the bathroom and bedroom in master suites.
    • Add earth and fire elements.


    • Leave the toilet seat up or drains uncovered when not in use.
    • Create clutter on the sink, countertop and tub edge or in the shower stall.
    • Hold on to old or unused bottles of shampoos, products, creams and potions.
    • Have the toilet in plain view. Try covering or screening it when possible.
    • Create a small, cramped area. Try adding mirrors to help expand the feeling of the spac

Spotlight on Scott Busby and Busby Painting

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Last week, Colorado Blinds & Design hosted a wall covering technique class with Scott Busby, owner of Busby Painting. We had a blast showcasing all the new and innovative products that are available, as well as viewing all of Scott’s amazing work. In case you missed the class, we have uploaded the images from our slide show presentation. Take a look below.

Scott Busby and Judy Magara have worked together for a number of years serving Colorado’s interior design needs. Scott Busby is truly an artist and has some amazing techniques in his arsenal, as well as excellent craftsmanship and affordable prices! Take a look at the photo gallery showcasing his work.



For more information on Vahallan paper or color consultations, give us a call at 970-663-0505.

Valentine’s Day Business Decorating Contest

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We’ve got the love bug here at Colorado Blinds & Design!

We decorated our store and are participating with many other local businesses in the 2nd Annual Sweetheart City Valentine Business Decorating Contest. If you get a chance, vote for the business who you think is the best decorated via this link

We would LOVE it if you would vote for us!

Stop in today and see our decorations and all the great home decor items we carry, or take a look at the photo gallery below.

XOXOXO from the team at Colorado Blinds & Design





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