What is an “R-Value?”

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Whether you are building a home or you are considering home improvement projects, you have probably come across the term “R-value.” You might also be asking yourself, What the heck does a r-value measure, and why is it so important?

An R-value indicates a resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. Still confused? So was I until someone explained R-values in simple terms.

Basically, a well insulated wall in your home has an R-value of around 20. The wall keeps the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. It resists heat flow.

A high-quality uncovered window typically has an R-value of around one. Yes, just one. Heat and cold pretty much escape freely through an uncovered window.

A window with a Hunter Douglas Duette Architella window covering has a R-value of around seven.

That’s right. Six times the r-value can be achieved with the simple installation of a window covering. Installing an energy efficient shade can remarkably reduce energy bills and prevent up to 50% of energy loss through windows.

If you are still unsure about the importance of r-values, please feel free to stop in our showroom or give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to explain any questions you may have!

The Importance of Pre-Wiring for New Residential Construction

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Today, technology plays an important, if not vital, role in everyday life. Technology not only makes everyday life easier, it makes it possible.

Enormous new strides in technological advances are made everyday. The latest innovation in homes, which is relatively inexpensive and can add considerable value to your home, is prewiring for home automation and “smart home” capabilities.

The term “prewiring” refers to the installation of the appropriate cables and wires during a new home’s construction. It includes the electrical wiring, as well as the low voltage, home systems cabling. Essentially, all that is needed to make smart homes possible is the extra wiring cable and small about of extra labor to run the appropriate cables to the correct location within the home. So, for a small amount of money, you can have a home with full automation capabilities. Because of the low cost and high return on investment (when selling the home later), movement toward making prewiring for new residential construction in custom homes the standard is beginning to take effect.

You might be asking yourself Why does this matter? And why is this on a website about window coverings? Well, prewiring can extend to windows, especially those high windows that are impossible to reach. Then, when the home is finished and you are shopping for window coverings, we can install motorized shades that hook up to the prewiring. Now, you have motorized window coverings that do not require a change of batteries once a year. You can even control the shades with your IPad or tablet. How cool is that?

If you are thinking of building a new home, consider prewiring. If you have any questions or would like to talk about prewiring more in-depth, call (970-663-0505) or stop by our showroom to schedule an appointment with Chris, our motorization and wiring guru. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and would be happy to answer any questions and explain the prewiring procedures.

Lifetime Guarantee with Hunter Douglas® Products

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Did you know that Hunter Douglas® products are covered under a lifetime guarantee? That’s right! As long as you still reside the home where you purchased the window coverings, Hunter Douglas will honor their lifetime guarantee. If your Hunter Douglas® window fashions aren’t superior performers, we’ll fix them at no cost to you. At Colorado Blinds & Design, we specialize in Hunter Douglas repairs, whether you purchased the window covering from us or not!

Many of our clients are curious about what exactly is covered under the lifetime guarantee. The exact terms are detailed below.

 Covered by the Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Defects in materials, workmanship or failure to operate for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product
  • All internal mechanisms
  • Components and brackets
  • Fabric delamination
  • Operational cords for a full 7 years from the date of purchase
  • Repairs and/or replacements will be made with like or similar parts or products
  • Hunter Douglas motorization components are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase
Not Covered by the Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Any conditions cause by normal wear and tear
  • Abuse, accidents, misuse or alteration to the product
  • Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture) and discoloration or fading over time
  • Failure to follow our instructions with respect to measurement, proper installation, cleaning or maintenance
  • Shipping charges, cost of removal and reinstallation



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Colorado Blinds & Design carries a variety of shutter types and brands, and our sales team will help you choose the best product and application for your windows. We carry vinyl shutters, engineered wood and real wood. Pricing depends on the type of shutter you select. The best way to view our shutters is to visit our showroom where we have a variety of shutters on display, and one of our knowledgeable staff members can explain the advantages of these products.

Shutters are functional in addition to being beautiful. One of the many advantages of shutters is that they don’t rattle in an open window, whereas a  shade has the potential to do so depending on the application. Here at Colorado Blinds & Design, we consider purchasing shutters like buying furniture for your home. Shutters are the only window treatment that add value to the home. Some of our new home buyers are even including shutters as part of their option package.

Below are some brief descriptions of the shutters we carry.

Heritance® shutters are made of wood and joined with a dovetail design. Over 100 paint and stain finishes are available, as well as a plethora of louver and frame options.

Like Everwood® faux wood blinds, NewStyle Hybrid Shutters® are comprised of a wood composite. They have the look of a quality shutter, while maintaining the durability of a man-made product.

Palm Beach® polysatin shutters are comprised of an extremely durable man-made product. They are guaranteed to never warp, fade, chip or peel, even in the harshest conditions.

Eclipse® Vinyl Shutters are a great product with an even better lead time. The shutters are manufactured and shipped in only ten days and boast a variety of features, including a 25 year warranty, energy efficiency and UV protection. They are also fire retardant and anti-microbial.

The Science Behind Energy Efficient Window Coverings

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Many of our clients want energy efficient window coverings. Who can blame them? Between the scorching Colorado summers and frigid winters, our heating and cooling bills can be astronomical.

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella

In response to the growing need for a way to stop energy loss through windows, Hunter Douglas designed the Duette Architella shade, which has the highest R-value for window coverings on the market.

An R-value measures the thermal resistance of a product or material. A window without any window covering has an R-value of 1.25, whereas an insulated wall has a value of about 20. If a Duette Architella shade is added to a window, the R-value increases from 1.25 to 6.25, making a huge difference.

You might be wondering how a window covering can insulate a window and prevent energy loss? The three “dead” air spaces in the Duette Architella are the key in the energy saving technology. Believe it or not, air is a great insulator. Heat is “attracted” to cold, and the dead air spaces prevent much the energy from escaping through the windows. In the summer, the heat is kept out, and it the winter, the heat is kept inside.

Duette Architella shades can also block out 95% of harmful UV rays.



Inexpensive Decorating Ideas!

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At Colorado Blinds & Design, we know that the holiday season can put stress on finances. If you are a little short on cash, but want to spruce up your home, take a look at these inexpensive decorating ideas. A small change can freshen up your space.

  • Add wallpaper, mirrors or paint to the back of bookcases. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add visual interest to your bookcases. Also, adding mirrors will make your space appear bigger.
  • Attach casters to the bottom of…anything! Casters add height and mobility to any piece. Once added to a kitchen island, a mobile server is instantly created. Also, casters make cleaning super easy. Simply roll out of the way to clean under hard to reach places!
  • Replace faucets, fixtures and hardware to give a custom-built look. So many of the homes built today include the most basic (brass, yuck!) fixtures. You can find these items at reasonable prices at overstock.com and amazon.com. Also, check locally for building surplus stores.
  •  Replace your standard bathroom mirrors with framed mirrors found at the store. Check antique and home decor stores for unique mirrors at great prices. Again, this gives your home a custom look!
  • Dont’t ignore your ceilings! Ceilings can be painted or even wallpapered.
  • Periodically check Craigslist for furniture and decor items you need. You can get smokin’ deals on some great pieces. With a little love and elbow grease, you can get a custom piece that YOU designed.


Decorating tips courtesy of Country Living Magazine, http://www.countryliving.com/homes/how-to-get-the-look/budget-decorating-makeover-0109?src=nl&mag=clg&list=nl_ccr_dot_mko_083111_budget-decorating-makeover&kw=ist

2012 Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango

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Tangerine Tango, courtesy of Pantone

Pantone Color Institute®, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industry, has announced Tangerine Tango as the 2012 color of the year. The color, described as a “honeysuckle hue,” is vibrant and full of energy.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Don’t be afraid to incorporate this vibrant hue into your home decor! Small touches of bright hues can add energy and visual interest without overwhelming a space. Accessories, pillows and accent walls are great areas where bright colors can be used appropriately.

Love this color but are unsure how to use it? Give us a call and we can help! Interior design consultations are 1/2 off for the first hour for the entire month of January if you book an appointment with Allyson or Karla. Appointments are filling up fast, so call today!

French Design is IN for 2012!

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The design community is buzzing with the new trend for 2012: French Design Redefined.

This trend is described as a modern twist on traditional French Country style. Think country French fabrics and textures (ruffles, distressed woodwork) with modern lines. If you are in need of some updating in your home, consider adding French design elements to add a sophisticated and modern flair. French Design Redefined is characterized by:

  • Bright Hues in conjunction with subdued colors
  • Using red, yellows and blues together (forming a “triad” color scheme)
  • Bold Prints, such as damasks, toiles, and matelassé plaids
  • Using natural or painted distressed wood pieces
  • Swapping out dated light fixtures for chandeliers
  • Incorporating monogrammed pieces and Fleur-de-lis

Stop by our showroom or call 970-663-0505 to set up a design appointment with Allyson or Karla. Get 1/2 off the first hour of a design consultation for the entire month of January! A $75 value for only $37.50.



Original Artwork by Arist Kara Young

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At Colorado Blinds & Design, we specialize in more than just window coverings. We have a vast array of home accent pieces, including art and mirrors. Kara Young, an artist who creates unique pieces, has numerous works featured in our showroom.

Young primarily works with fiber mixed-media and is inspired by visits to ancient ruins, rock canyons, and ancient cities rich in history. The unique appearance of her pieces are reflected in her unusual process. Young makes a special paper from scratch. She then uses the original paper to make the artwork. Copper leaf, fired copper and acrylic paint are added to the surface to give the art the desired affect.

My work is about witnessing how the passing of time affects the appearance of surfaces in the world around us. I see nature in all Her beauty, and I express this artistically in contemporary ways.” -Kara Young

Blind Repair vs. Replacement

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Many of our customers are at a loss in deciding when to simply repair a shade and when to replace a shade. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is not always cut and dry..

We probably couldn't repair this blind

Colorado Blinds & Design can Repair Most Blinds, but we Specialize in Repairs for Hunter Douglas®. Our policy, per Hunter Douglas®, is to repair any HD® shade that the current homeowner purchased for the home for for free under a lifetime limited warranty, regardless if the Hunter Douglas® product was purchased from us or not. The warranty includes problems such as restrings, cord replacements, cord lock replacements, tilter and wand repair/replacements and re-laddering. Hunter Douglas® warranties their products for life because they are confident the quality, engineering and extensive testing of their products is unparalleled and will last, you guessed it, a lifetime. So if any of your Hunter Douglas® shades are malfunctioning, bring ’em in and we will take good care of you.

We also repair other brands, but charge $55 per shade plus the cost of parts. If you are unsure whether your shade can be repaired or not, simply bring it to our showroom and one of our trained window covering specialists will help you assess the blind and decide whether or not it is worth fixing. Our policy is to not accept blinds (or brands) we deem not worth our time and your money to repair. We won’t accept your money to repair an inferior shade.


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